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"Chúng tôi học ngôn ngữ chúng tôi muốn một sự nghiệp linh hoạt."

Translation:We learn languages because we want to have a flexible career.

June 25, 2016



"We learn" vs "We study". Throughout the duolingo program these have been interchangeable. why not now


"We study language" is functionally the same isn't it? In english we can refer to learning language as an overarching singular construct. We study or learn language


Why not 'we study language'...?

Also, why not is just 'language' accepted, as it is talking about the generic?


Interesting that in English we would say 'flexible careers' because of course we can't share a flexible career. It's like saying 'Those ten cats have a tail' - it just doesn't sound right to mix the plural and singular


Why not 'the language' or 'the languages'. This course is always unclear about when to use 'the'. It's frustrating


At least in coherent English, "We" can't have "a" career, flexible or not. The "một" should not have to be translated .


"We study" marked wrong, and I think it should be right.

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