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"I'm sure I recognize his face."

Translation:אני בטוח שאני מכיר את הפנים שלו.

June 25, 2016



"מזהה" should also be a translation for "recognize" .

(it's actually a more correct translation.)


In the pick from 3 the correct answer was

אני בטוחה שאני מזהה את הפרצוף שלו

why is it showing me פרצוף instead of פנים? And what's the difference between the two?


Well, פַּרְצוּף is a loan word from Ancient Greek πρόσωπον "face", whereas פָּנִים is a semitic noun of old stock. Sometimes פַּרְצוּף is used in an insulting way: זה פרצוף שרק אימא מסוגלת לאהוב "That's a mug only a mother could love".


DL didn't accept אני בטוח שאני מכיר את פניו. Reported.

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