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  5. Was ist die Bedeutung??


Was ist die Bedeutung??

Was ist die Bedeutung ??? Hmmmm I'm wondering why there is so many Rosetta Stone commercials playing lately ..

June 12, 2012



Are you asking what the meaning of the multitude of Rosetta stone commercials is? Or are you asking about the word "die Bedeutung", which roughly translates to "meaning"? Your troubles may have been caused by the misspelling.


Yes it was supposed to be an joke that was easily understandable well at least to viewers of the AT@T cable broadcasting company. Or maybe all television broadcasting company's? Opps! Yes you are correct I did miss place the E with the U ... I fixed it though. What I was originally getting at was the fact the Rosetta Stone is playing way more commercials (like more air time) , that is straight money no matter how you look at it. Duolingo.com is new and innovative and i'm under the assumption that they are playing more commercials because maybe they don't want their product (Rosetta Stone) to well lets just say become obsolete haha. Makes sense?

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