"I see a truck."

Translation:אני רואה משאית.

June 25, 2016

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ani roah (f) / roeh (m) masaít


Is it roeh or roah?


roeh is masculine, roah is feminine


one of the best method on duolingo (En) to learn a language with non-Latin alphabet letters is the greek course. I would personally rate this hebrew course by 1/5... start by teaching us the hebrew alphabet until it is "rooted" in our brains.


The hebrew course is pretty bad. The lack of audio ... why?


Google also lacks a voice for Hebrew. I wish that there was always audio on the questions because I want to actually learn Hebrew which is difficult already but not being able to hear the pronunciations every time to help reinforce it in my memory would help. I forget how to say a word and then say it wrong until I get to another point with audio.


It's especially annoying because Google used to have text-to-speech for Hebrew. It would give an estimated sound based on the sounds of the letters, and seemed pretty accurate. But now, nothing...

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Would be very nice if there was an option to hear the words on every page...and allow the user to play just on word at a time if desired.


How are the two different choices pronounced?


Identically. In hebrew above 2nd grade level, you stop using nikud (the vowels), and based on context, you'd pronounce it either as "Roeh" or "Roaah", depending on whether or not the person actually seeing (the object conducting the verb) is male or female (roeh, vs. roaah)


In that case I personally would very much prefer to start learning at BELOW second grade level. :-(


You and me both.


Could someone tell me how to phonetically say this? I will extrapolate from something I heard before.

Ani roah mahsayit. [ I see a truck-- from a female perspective, as the niqqud ָ Kamatz was used under the letter Aleph א


הי איך הוגים משאית truck?


I am making up my own pronunciations since this course fails to provide audio. Truck is pronounced "mashait." Hope I'm right!


The right pronunciation is masayit


What means "car"? This word would be way more helpful than truck.

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