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"But he does not find out anything."

Terjemahan:Tetapi dia tidak menemukan apa-apa.

June 25, 2016

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Mengapa memaai OUT?


find out memiliki kesan bahwa menemukannya tidak sengaja, kalau find biasanya menemukan dengan sengaja (setelah mencari)

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tetapi disini dia TIDAK menemukan apapun.


"Find out" is like a single word.


What's the difference between apapun and apa pun? (because Duo told me it was "apa pun" here)


Or we have a problem or the meaning is strangely the same. In a previous exercise it is used menemukan as find. Find out is a pharsal verb that is use, for example for the job of detective. At home you find a lost comb but you don't find out a lost comb. Google translator says "cari tahu" but i don't speak indonesian. Someone to clarify?

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find out bukannya mencari tahu?


Apapun is also accepted

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