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I am half way up the Hebrew tree and I thought the biggest shortcoming of the recently released Hebrew course was the complete lack of audio (eventhough I have some existing knowledge of Semitic languages, so I often know how it should sound like). But today I read that some people do have audio! ... So I wonder, are there more learners out there who don't have any audio files to support them in their efforts?

Please, share your experiences.

June 25, 2016


Ensure you have your speakers turned on in settings, and tell it to automatically say the sentences - I've also found that having listening exercises switched on seems to make it more willing to play the sentences ;) This can be a bit buggy with Duolingo. For the most part, if you see a little blue speaker next to the sentence, then that sentence has audio. Clicking the blue speaker should make the sentence play. If you've tried everything else, it's a little annoying to have to tell it to speak, but it's doable.

Thanks for your help, Sarah! I don't know what happened. In the other courses I did get audio, but because of your suggestion I decided to have a look at the settings anyway. And I do not know what happened, but for some reason the settings seem to have changed for Hebrew and it said the speaker was turned off. (...) Now that I changed the setting I also get the little blue speaker icon next to sentences! So thank you very much!!! You just made my day! :)

Excellent! :D I'm glad I could help! For some reason the audio can be very buggy. I got halfway down the Ukrainian tree before figuring out how to make it say the sentences automatically...!

Well, the audio in the Ukrainian course must be the worst I have heard! As if someone is talking on an old telephone, which is lying in the next room, ... in a cupboard. Compared to that the Hebrew audio is excellent, although the female voice is a little too fast for my taste.

Agreed, it's not the best - I was grateful that I was coming into the course with preexisting knowledge of Cyrillic and Russian, which helped a lot.

The Hebrew voices come a close second to the Esperanto voice, for me.

Yes, the esperanto voice was great. Besides, I think the esperanto course as a whole was the best I have seen on DL.

The EO course is excellent overall, I agree :D
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First of all, congratulations! :) Best of luck to you in your learning!

I have audio in Hebrew. And I like the voice :) Very strange that you don't have. What browser do you use?

Thanks for your comment Olja! I never had any problems with my browser in relation to DL. But now you mention it, I might try it in another browser, just to make sure.

unfortunately changing browsers didn't improve anything. Still nothing :(

There's no audio when the vocab is presented with the images at the beginning of the lesson, but most of the other exercises have it. Really pumped this finally landed....loving it. Many thanks to all who helped make it possible.

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