I want to speek in English with you, you want ? :) Je veux parler en Anglais avec toi, tu veux ? :)

January 31, 2014

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Hi Papy!! Pleased to speak English with you! Very nice English, keep up the great work! I would like to speak French as good as you do, so I'm hard at work! Are you a native French speaker?

February 3, 2014

Thank you for your comment, it's nice. Yes, my mother tongue is French :)

hi PappyAllan , I am French , live in Morroco OK to speak in English with you …What your hobbies ?? For me i like sports , bicycle , tennis etc ……

Gret !! My favorite Hobbie, is to traval on the world !! But I like Ice skating :) <3 !!
  • Great. My favorite hobby is to travel ( around the world ). I also like ice skating.

I would love to travel more and that is the reason I'm learning new languages. I don't want to be limited to tourist areas so I figured it would be easier if I knew a few languages. My other hobbies include photography and computers.

Hi ! :) I'm so happy to be your friend now :) :p !!

Would you like me to correct some mistakes in your sentences? Just so you can learn more English? Happy to help :) :P

I learn my English .. So .. !

Is that a no? Sorry if I offended you in anyway. I just wanted to help you improve...

So do you want me to help or no?

Hello. I am an English speaker and I'm learning a number of languages, including French. How's it going for you?

All is good ! Thank you :p

Good to know, good to know...

hey! can you speak with me? I want to learn my anglish... :)

Hey! Can you speak with me? I want to learn English...

Hello... so, how's it going?

Hello,when you want speak with you

Sorry, I don't understand you.

Thank you ! nice to meet you :) my name is myriam

yes, I want to speak with you in English

Ok, so give me your email

Ok, so give me your email

Give me your email

Yoh ! my name's Jean philippe, i live in toulouse, i'm 47 and i would speak with you to improve my english

My name is Paul ,i live in Québec ,Canada,I am very happy to speak with you

you're welcome Paul. have you ever been in france ?

no I do'nt have this chance!

Ok, give me your email. Ps : I love Canada

hello paul,my name is Evelyne,i live in France,I dream Canada, and I am Happy to speak with you but my English is very bad,I have a lot problem

hello ribert , where do you live in france? I live near dinan.

Hello Ribet1 ,my English isn't very good too,where do you live in France,I am very happy to speak with you.I hope to have another message of you. A+

Ok, great, give me your email

Hello everybody me name is Gillette I live in Belgians next to Liege and I'm starting duo lingo

Great, so Welcome ! :p

Good morning I am french and I live near dinan

hello herria , good morning , I live in Québec ,Canada, how areyou?

Hello herria it is dinan in belgium ?

dinan is in france.

yes i am willing to speak English With you but know that i suck:)

je peut te parler en anglais?

Hello Tati63, how are you

hello sim012 fine and you

I am fine tank you

oui tu peut me parler en anglais

where do you live?

Tati63 you are there...

Yes. Please, let us start

Oui je suis intéressé

Hello Tintin 64 How are you? and where do you live?

Hi Allan! My name is Philippe. I live in France, near Marseille. I guess I'm not the best person to chat with, but you can send me messages through the duolingo website if needed. I hope you enjoy learning english with this website/application. Have fun!

HI, Karrouch , how are you, I am very happy to speak with you.Where do you live?

yes I want to speak in english with you ,why not

ok pas de probléme :D

comment fonctionne ce site svp?

Sur ce site tu peut aller sur accueil et tu tape sur base 1 pour commence de reviser .il faut tu face le un et le deux du base 1 ...

Je ne sais pas si tu me comprend

Hello! My name's Michelle. I don't speak very good english but i want learn

Hi Michelle.d91 , how are you? I don't speak very well too. Where do you live?

i live in drancy and you?

where is Drancy? Ilive in Québec ,Canada

Moi je veux bien mais je suis pas très forte !

hi Melis-tess, no problem with that, i speak not very well, but i learn. I live in Québec ,Canada.

Hello how are yo

I'm fine thanks and you?

yes i want speek inglish with you

salut! je suis là pour parler avec vous.

hello what's new? tell more


HELLO EVERBODY! it's okay for you, if we speak english but only englis to learn ????

Hi Michelle.d91,yes Iwant to speak English with you, where do you live?

I leave at Pau but i work at Port Harcourt, Nigéria

Hello Allan, my name is Zakariae . I am morrocain and I live in Oujda .

OK! thank you ! nice to meet you:) my name is Myriam :)

My name is Eric, When you think this is possible and how

Hi Myriam, how are you ? I live in Québec, Canada, where do you live?

Good evening papy how are you ? , my mane is ornella . l'am Gabonese and live in lagos

Hi Onella, how are you? My name is Paul ,Ilive in Québec Canada.

I'am fine thanks and you? it's my pleasure paul

fine, thank you what is the weather like at your home?

I love translating the music english french

yes I'am speak very good

you speak french..

yes I speak french and i want to learn english

Bon jour PapyAllan! How are you?

I have just started learning French and it looks like you are learning English :P I actually live in Colombia now, I work in a Spanish environment teaching English. What do you do?

Hello My name is Jack , I am French and I live in Morocco . You want learning French ? I can help you ... Si vous m aidez en Anglais

**You want to learn French?

:) I can't make very complex sentences yet in French, the only thing I have learned (most important of course) is..... je voudrais du vin :P hahahha just kidding

I see in your picture you like cycling - very nice sport!

Do many people in Morocco speak French? I went in 2011 there but didn't speak to anyone.

Hello No , I want learning English , I am French ....

haha I was correcting your English!

Tu veux parler français ? Where you live?

I am available to talk in english with you :)

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