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  5. "אני אוכל תפוחים."

"אני אוכל תפוחים."

Translation:I am eating apples.

June 26, 2016



What's the difference between לאכולand אוכל?


The adverb "to eat" is "לאכול", while "אוכל" is the noun "food", or in that case it's the singular present form of the verb to eat.


So the conjugation of "to eat" make it lose its initial ל? It seems like the plural present forms also don't have ל.


Yes, "ל" is exactly like "to" in English.

You won't say "I am to eating" or "I to eat", and the same goes for Hebrew, it loses the "ל" and conjugated accordingly.


I wrote "I eat an apples" what's a problem?


singular: an apple plural: apples.


A/an is used for singular nouns and apples is plural so it would just be apples by itself


Why didnt this need את?


Because there is no definite article (ה). That changes everything. He is saying that he eats apples in general, not particular apples, which would be THE apples in English.


"To eat" is not an adverb; it is the infinitive form of the verb. An adverb is a word like "quickly" - a word which describes how fast you go, since "go" is a verb, and an adverb describes a verb. Another example (in English). He ate "slowly". In this example "slowly" is the adverb, but "ate" is the verb.


So "I eat apples" should have been correct?


Hi, I have been told by Israeli native speakers that it is required to add "etz" to "tapuchim" in order to differentiate it from the word for potato-otherwise many would understand that you mean potatoes and not apples. Hence , it should be "tapuah etz" and "tapuah adama" means a potato. In brief,, they told me not to omit the clarifying word after "tapuah".Can you please advise on this?


I disagree with the advice. We say תפוחים without עץ all the time, and it's infallibly understood as apples. In fact, you can't say just תפוח for potato even when the context makes it clear that it's potatoes. Suppose I peel potatoes for my wife who cuts them. If I imagine her saying אני צריכה עוד שני תפוחים, it will sound extremely odd to me.


Question says תפוזים, not תפוחים

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