"We watch the children run."

Translation:אנחנו צופים בילדים רצים.

June 26, 2016

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Wait... I would have read this as "we watch in running children." Why... is there a Beyt?


Unfortunately there is no definite answer for that.

You just have to remember that in Hebrew the verb "לצפות" is followed by "ב-something" (so I guess that in a way we say I'm watching in the -).

However, you can use the word "לראות" which means see, it might not be exactly the same but then you don't have to use the "ב". So you could say: "אני רואה את הילדים רצים". (I see the children run)


Is it normal to also see the ב with רואה?


The only possibility I can think of in which you would use these two together is if you want to say that you see something in someone or in something (as in something special, same use as in English).

So you could say: "אני רואה בך משהו" or "אני רואה בזה משהו" - "I (can) see something in you" or "I (can) see something in that"

But other than that, you would not say ב after לראות normally.


would that include usage like "I see your father in you"?


Yes definitely:

"I see your father in you": "אני רואה בך את אביך"


Wow... I am NOT picking up the vocabulary in this lesson. I've gone through this lesson I think 4 times now? Anyone have any tips? Too many of the words sound too similar to me


Yes. I see it too. I'm using Memrise vocab. Doing five words then switching to other sections. It's not good to have words that sound similar. It happened with tapuach and tapuz before I read fluent forever which shows the studies that shows this is a horrible way to retain language and information. I had to switch my goal to the lowest amount until I'm caught up on the vocab. (I would have been ok, I was up to lesson 38 on Memrise, but this section in Duolingo is 41 in Memrise ) Memrise stops going in duolingo order, maybe duo changed the skills around.. Because none of the last vocab sections I learned have been in Duolingo.


So I didn't see Hebrew as an available language in Memrise. What you might find helpful is the app Tinycards. I found many of the vocabulary introduced in these languages are included as flash card reviews.


It's not made by Memrise so it's not in the app. I thought I sent it to you before, but sorry I didn't make that clear.

All the words with audio are here I'm learning Hebrew Duolingo vocab on Memrise! http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/

Replace your username where mine is for information on your progress, etc: https://duome.eu/teribleteri/progress for progress and tips/notes etc

Also tiny cards I used didn't have audio so imho they were useless for this. I do have Anki decks for Hebrew but they aren't specific to Duolingo, I use them with the fluent forever Hebrew kit.


website fluent-forever.com Fluent Hebrew

3 Pronunciation videos that are intro part of the anki kit: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlmgeS8moU5hoWljcBIvTyJmICuLP-AyC


You can get it in memrise in a desktop pc browser and then it shows up in your app too. On the same account.


Yes, but you can't search Hebrew anything from the app, it only shows Memrise created content. Since the only Hebrew courses are user created, you can't find them in the app UNLESS you first add them as courses to your Memrise account. (It also means that a Memrise pro membership is useless because that also only works with Memrise created content ( I found this out the hard way after becoming a pro member)


Same. I've been practicing this same skill for months.


What an entertaining pasttime


Why אנחנו צופים את הילדים רצים Not accepted?? This is really hard to remember


Because with the verb לצפות (צופים) you have to use the preposition ב.


אנו and אנחנו are the same.

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    Anachnu tsofim bayladim (or b'yeledim) ratsim.

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