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  5. "Які річки ви знаєте?"

"Які річки ви знаєте?"

Translation:What rivers do you know?

June 26, 2016



Is "річка" here and in a bunch of previous questions in this chapter correct? How about just "ріка"? As far as I'm familiar with these words річка is a small river. Thanks for your help!


It is indeed correct. To my knowledge "ріка" is only used in literary contexts. In fact, I would never used "ріка" in any type of conversation, neither informal nor formal.


Why doesn't що work here?


Що means what, like in the question "What do you want"


Could you give the whole sentence that did not work?


I wrote the sentence "Which rivers do you know?" I always associate Який Яка Яке Які to mean "Which/What kind?"


Ah, you mean your English translation "Which rivers do you know?" was not accepted. I think there is a difference in English if you as "Which rivers ..." or "What rivers ...," but you are right that both of them are translated with "які" in this case. Anyways, you should report the missing translation alternative. "What" can also be translated as "що" as edgykid wrote.


Should be pronounced річкИ, not рІчки

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