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I make a lot of mistakes with the silent letters. any rule of thumb?

I get stressed out from my spelling. Every time I have to write a word with a silent letter in it: alef, eyn, hey I don't know which one to use and usually pick the wrong one. I write "roah"with the eyn, "ugah" with alef. I also have problems with chet and kaf. I write "ochel" with chet only to find out that it had to be kaf, then I write hamor with kaf, but it was chet! Finally, I mistake samech and shin, and tet and tav. Since Hebrew is a very young language, a very simple question I would have liked to ask Mr. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, would have been: wasn;t it enough to have one T, one CH, one S and one silent letter?? Do you know any rule of thumb to give me any guidance in spelling?

June 26, 2016



While א may indeed be silent in middle (and final) positions, ע should be audible in these recordings as a glottal stop or separation between vowels. ה may be silent only at the end of word, and pronounced like English H elsewhere.

Hamor cannot be written with כ, because כ is always pronounced like K In the beginning of a word.

Hebrew is not very young, but very ancient. Ben Yehuda did not invent Hebrew orthography.


Thanks! I didn't know that kaf is always pronounced K at the beginning of a word! Any more rules? About the eyn and alef in the middle of words, to me they both sound like a stop sound.


Unfortunately, the common accent used in the recordings does not distinguish between א and ע.


....I mistake harbah and arbeh!

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