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I have more than 250 facebook friends and 0 interested in learning Hebrew, anyone interested in

studying / competing with me? I am: -European -no previous or formal links to Israel / Judaism - speaks 4 languages (3 European, 1 extra-European) - understand: Spanish - very very very basic: Russian - learning the most beautiful language so far: Hebrew!!! - goal: to speak it at least like Borat :) - reason: after having been for vacation in IL, I fell in love with the country, the cuisine, the people, the culture, all of it, including the black hats and beards, the language......

June 26, 2016



I have done the first three skills (Letters 1-2-3) in Duolingo and in Memrise. Typing blind in Hebrew is coming :-)

Edit: I did 6 extra skills in a short time.

There is a problem with the skills:

  • the first three skills (letters) are very difficult: you have to learn the pronunciation and writing with a keyboard in Hebrew, and learning the letters in sentences instead of learning the vowels / pronunciation seperated.

  • the next skills are too easy to go on: you get an english word and you have to choose a picture: you don't need the hebrew word. Also there is no voice when you hover over the picture, like in other languages.

There should be skills for learning the letters on his own.

There should be a voice by the pictures.

We should learn the vowel signs and get the words with the vowel signs, so we can recognize the words easier and we have an aid for the pronunciation. But the software of Duolingo will not give the possiblikty for that.

At the moment, the only way to strengten a skill is with memrise.

But it is a beta version and the moderators are working on it: more voice and more exercising, so that exercising with memrise in the future is not necessary.


Nina_here, Hello, I am ready.. I know Hebrew and I want to improve my English. Leonid


Baruch habah! Here's a lingot for your English practice (it sounds like you know it well, though). Atah rozeh melamed Ivrit alai? P.S. In order to check the progess of each other we have to "follow" each other?


Nina_here, hello, Thank you for lington. That is a big award for me for futer study. I really want to help you to study Hebrewe. It will be good reason for me to sent you letters and answer for everything your shaelot. Leonid


Priviet, I just scored 1.23 / 5.00, I am totally depressed. How do you say depressed in hebrew? :( :( :( Azuvah?

And I only have 2 lingots over.....fssssssh


Nina, hello, The word "depressed" by Hebrew is "Azuva. You are right, don't wary! עצובה. Leonid


Hey, im a native english/hebrew speaker and i spent months learning russian, and the grammar was so hard! i know you are sad now, but push through, its worth it. You will be so much happier if you do. If you need help im happy to.


Hi there, shalom! It seems I have chosen the 2 hardest languages, Hebrew and Russian!! (Russian grammar is tougher, though!). I am doing my best, pushing all the time....if you like to skype and practice, let me know. I would really like it!


Yo hablo un poquito espanol tambien!


OMG louis, you're scaaaary!


Naim me'od guys, you get all 1 lingot from me and let's start competing (studying) together! Todah rabah mmmmmmwah. P.S. How do we link to stay updated of each other? Has anyone of you figured out yet?


Hola, I am trying to start on Hebrew y aprendiende espanol. We have to click each other's profile and click on follow/friend to link up with each other to stay updated!


Hi) I am ready))))


Bevakasha neshamah :)

[deactivated user]

    Count me in too!


    Baruch habah, and another lingot flies to your account (where's your Hebrew bullet???? I only see French, Brazilian, Italian and Spanish???)

    [deactivated user]

      Can you see it now? How do we all compete/cooperate with one another?


      Ahan, you had to start yet....and how did it go with the tricky first lessons that everyone hates so much?

      [deactivated user]

        I found it ok actually, bit tricky using a QWERTY board but I found a set of Hebrew transparent stickers on Amazon for less than £2, that should make it a bit easier! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hebrew-Transparent-Keyboard-Stickers-Letters/dp/B00SV9OW1K/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1467140267&sr=8-5&keywords=hebrew+keyboard+stickers


        Se vuoi ti parlo in Italiano

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