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  5. "הן גנבו לו את המדליות."

"הן גנבו לו את המדליות."

Translation:They stole his medals.

June 26, 2016



is it correct to say הם גנבו את המדליות שלו?


I think yes. This specific usage of the word לו (actually the preposition ל) implies the ownership of the direct object: הן גנבו לו את המדליות = הן גנבו את המדליות שלו, הוא ביטל לי את הפגישה = הוא ביטל את הפגישה שלי etc..


Could you also say, "הן גנבו את המדליות מימנו"?


I guess you could say they really "medaled" in his affairs! Hehehehe.


Does this mean literally that they stole them, as in robbed him, or could it be metaphorical, as in he was expected to win the medals and they unexpectedly won them instead? In English it could have either meaning, and I'm wondering if that's true for Hebrew also.

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