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  5. "Dw i'n hoffi Y Drenewydd."

"Dw i'n hoffi Y Drenewydd."

Translation:I like Newtown.

June 26, 2016



Confusing as to whether Newtown is a place or whether it is a new town in which case surely it would not be translated to I like The Newtown when in English it only states I like Newtown


Newtown / y Drenewydd is a town in Powys, in mid-Wales - https://cy.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y_Drenewydd

A number of Welsh towns have a y in their name which is not translated into English.

'the new town' would be y dre(f) newydd.

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Some Welsh towns have the definite article in their name which isn't translated into English. 'Y Drenewydd' is an important town in mid Wales which is known in English simply as 'Newtown'.

If this is phrase is not in capitals eg 'y drenewydd' then it would be referring to any 'new town'.

The 'new town' movement was an attempt in the 50s and later to establish artificial brand new towns in the UK in areas that were under developed economically. Some were very successful others were less so.

The only other one in Wales is in the south of the country which is know in both Welsh and English by its Welsh name Cwmbrân = (translation -'Valley of the Crows')


Why is, "I like Drenewydd" wrong?


Unlike personal names, names of towns do tend to be translated if they have an English name. The English name for y Drenewydd in Powys is 'Newtown'.


thanks...I was just a little confused because in the sentence before I didn't had translate the town's name


If you read the notes at the beginning, that particular town apparently has no translation or is only known by its Welsh name.


So if the article is particle of the name, it coesn't change to 'r as usual?


Usually it does.


I see. Thank you.

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