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  5. "אמא, מה נשמע?"

"אמא, מה נשמע?"

Translation:Mom, how are you?

June 26, 2016



What's the difference between "מה שלומך?" and "מה נשמע?" ?


The literal translation for "מה שלומך" would be "what is your situation/condition" or simply "how are you feeling" and for "מה נשמע" it's actually "what is heard".

There is no actual difference between the two, and I guess that like in every languages we have a lot of ways to say what's up.

Some more examples: מה קורה, מה המצב, מה הולך, מה חדש, איך אתה מרגיש etc..


מה נשמע is exactly the same as the Arabic "ma nasma3", meaning "what do we hear? "

However, It is not used, as it is not a technically valid structure.


Yeah its actually the same נשמע=نسمع


When I was growing up I was always told that ma nishma is more colloquial, where as ma shlomcha/shlomech is more formal and polite. Don't quote me on it though.


מה נשמע , מה קורה it more casual , normal and מה שלומך it more if u meeting someone and u saking them how are u


So... "How are you?" vs "Wassup?"


Is duolingo try to imitate the song like אמא מה נשמע היום? here? :P


Why does it end with a ע and not an א?

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