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Dưới đây là những thành ngữ tiếng anh mình sưu tầm các bạn cùng tham khảo nhé :D

• About Be about to do sth - Chuẩn bị làm việc gì

►be going to do sth immediately

Ex : I was about to phone him when he walked into the office.

That’s about all/it - Hết rồi, xong rồi

►Used to say that you have finished telling somebody about sth and there is nothing to add

Ex :‘Anything else?’ ‘No, that’s about it for now’.

• Above Be/get above yourself - Tự cao, tự đại

►behave as if you are better or more important than you really are

Ex :She’s getting a bit above herself. She’s only been working for me for two weeks and already

she’s telling me what to do!

• Abreast Keep abreast of sth - Cập nhật thông tin

►Make sure that you know all the most recent facts about a subject

Ex :It is almost impossible to keep abreast of all the latest developments in computing.

• Accord Of your own accord - Tự nguyện

► without being asked or forced

Ex :I didn’t need to tell her to apologize; she did it of her own accord.

• Accounts

By/f-rom all accounts - Theo nhận định của nhiều người

► used when the speaker does not have the direct experience of the thing mentioned but is reporting the ideas, etc of others

Ex :I’ve never seen any of her films but she is a brilliant director, by all accounts.

• Acid The acid test (of sth) - Phép thử

►a situation which finally proves whether sth is good or bad, true or false

Ex :They’ve always been good friends, but the acid test will come when they have to share a flat.

• Act An act of God (law) - Bất khả kháng

► an event caused by natural sources which people cannot control or prevent, for example a hurricane, earthquake, etc.

Ex :The insurance policy covers your house against all types of damage, excluding those caused by acts of God.

• Add Add fuel to the fire/flames - Đổ dầu vào lửa - Bôi dầu cho kiến leo

► do or say sth which makes a difficult situation worse, or makes smb even more angry, etc . Ex :She was already furious and his apologies and excuses only added fuel to the flames.

• Advantage Take advantage of sth/smb - Lợi dụng ai – Lợi dụng thời cơ

► make good use of sth; to make use of an opportunity;

Ex :We made sure that we took full advantage of the hotel facilities.

►Make use of smb/sth in a way that is unfair or dishonest

Ex :He took advantage of my generosity (for example, by taking more than I had intended to give).

• After After all - Sau cùng

► used to show that sth is the opposite of what you first intend to do or expect to happen

Ex :I think I will have something to eat after all.

►used when you are explaining sth, or giving a reason

Ex :Can’t I stay up late tonight? After all, there’s no school tomorrow!

• Again Then / there again - Hóa ra là

►used for introducing an extra piece of information which explains sth or gives another explanation for sth

Ex :I thought he liked me, but then again maybe he didn’t.

• Air (Up) in the air - Chưa chắc chắn/ Chưa quyết định

►(of plans, etc) uncertain; not yet decided

Ex : I’m hoping to take a holiday this month but my plans are still very much up in the air.

• Airs Give yourself / put on airs - Tự cao / Kiêu ngạo

► behave in a way which shows that you feel you are important

Ex : The nice thing about her is that, in spite of being so rich, she doesn’t put on any airs.

• All

All along - Ngay từ đầu

► f-rom the beginning

Ex : I said all along that this would happen.

All in all - Xét toàn diện

►when everything is considered

Ex : All in all the film was a great success, despite the bad publicity.

Be all over smb / Rất quan tâm

►show a lot of affection for or enthusiasm about smb Ex : He was all over her at the party.

• Allowances Make allowances for smb / Xê xoa

►Not judge smb too strictly because of certain problems or difficulties

Ex : The court was asked to make allowances for the age of the accused.

• Amends To make amends(to smb) (for sth/doing sth) - Sửa chữa sai lầm

►do sth for smb in order to show that you are sorry for sth wrong or unfair that you have done

Ex : I’m sorry I upset you – how can I make amends?

• Apart Be poles / worlds apart - Hai thái cực

►be widely separated; have no interests that you share

Ex : Politically, the two leaders are two poles apart.

• Apple The apple of smb’s eye - Con cưng, a person, usually a child, who smb loves very much; a favourite child Ex : The second child, John, was the apple of his mother’s eye.

• Arm Cost/pay an arm and a leg / Rất đắt, rất mắc

► cost/pay a lot of money

Ex : We want to redecorate the living room, but I’m afraid it’s going to cost us an arm and a leg.

keep smb at arm’s length - Dè chừng / Không quá thân thiết

► avoid becoming too friendly with smb

Ex : He’s the kind of man who’s best kept at arm’s length, in my opinion.

• Astray

Go astray / Lạc, mất

►become lost, be stolen

Ex : Several letters went astray or were not delivered.

►go in the wrong direction or have the wrong result

Ex : Fortunately, the gunman’s shots went astray.

• Authority

Have (got) sth on good authority - Tin chắc

►be able to believe sth because you trust the person who gave you the information

Ex :I have it on good authority that the chairman is going to resign.


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