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  5. "My sister is a model."

"My sister is a model."

Translation:Minha irmã é uma modelo.

January 30, 2013



Uma modelo? I heard that you don't use articles with job titles in Portuguese. Shouldn't it just be "Minha irmã é modelo."


I have the same question!


Hi, why was there an option to use "modela" ? If it's not used with sister then when do you use "modela" rather than "modelo" also what are the rules for using "estão" verses "são"?


I really hope I'm not wrong, but I don't think I am. This is a cognate with Spanish. It's just one of those that don't follow the rules but are just what they are. "Ela modela" would mean "She models". U can also use it for male. "Ele modela". It's a verb. That's why it's in the drop down :) I also chose "Modela" and then I thought about it :P


There are cases of a conjugation of a verb being the same word as a noun. I wish I could think of one...

  • Ela cozinha = she cooks.
  • A cozinha está suja = the kitchen is dirty.


"modelo" is one of those nouns--like artista and arquitecto--that are the same regardless of gender.


The word modelo is "m". I don't understand using "uma" with a masculine word.


"um modelo" is used for men and "uma modelo" for women.

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