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"אומרים שהמשיח יבוא מהר הזיתים."

Translation:They say that the Messiah will come from the Mount of Olives.

June 26, 2016



Can we agree that עלמה is a word, like "doncella" in Spanish, whose etymology stems from a historical time when it was vigorously assumed that all unmarried teenage girls were virgins? It might be used either way, depending on cultural and grammatical context. This is not the right venue for proselytizing or splitting hairs about theology.


Isaiah talked about how Messiah would come from a virgin (alma) - Isaiah 7:14 … for those who would object to it being translated as virgin, it's also translated as virgin in the Torah for Rivka (Rebecca), who hadn't yet known a man (Gen. 24:16).

[deactivated user]

    hmm.... do you mean the word "עלמה" ? because if so, its a wrong translation. the right translation is "teenage girl" or "young woman", not "virgin".



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    Messiah can be spelt in many ways

    [deactivated user]

      the word "מהר" is translated as "quickly" and not "from mount" like in the sentence. just warning :]


      Read מֵהַר not מַהֵר.


      Why not this the mount of the olives, while the other are the dome of the rock and the cave of the patriarches?


      Can "it is said" be used to translate אומרים instead of "they say"? It was marked wrong when I tried it.

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