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"הדובים חופשיים והם יודעים איפה אנחנו!"

Translation:The bears are free and they know where we are!

June 26, 2016



That is terrifying


I can't say no to that.


how to understand difference between "The free bears.." and "The bears are free.." ? I understood meaning as "The free bears and somebody else (they) knows where we are". It strange sentence, but it was strange sentences before


If it was the free bears both words would have the "hey" -ה ה-דובים ה-חופשיים (Dash "-" is there for clarity)

Because only bears has the hey ה-דובים (are) חופשיים. The bears are free.

(Learning Hebrew too. This is in the tips and notes. Let me know if you need help getting them)...


How's this for a translation: The bears are on the loose and they know where we are!

Of course I was marked wrong for it, but I think it's scarier to say it this way!


Plot twist. They are shifters and we are the bears.


Query: why is this אנחנו rather than אותנו? I would think that the bears would be the subject of the sentence, and that 'we' being an object that can be found, would thus merit the use of direct object?


Well, we are somewhere, so אֲנַ֫חְנוּ is the subject of the אֵיפֹה-clause.

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