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  5. "Priodas Hefin a Gareth"

"Priodas Hefin a Gareth"

Translation:Hefin and Gareth's wedding

June 26, 2016



Awwwww, gay marriage <3<3

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There's also Alys and Sioned as well :-)


That's so cute!!


Why do you insist on "the" here in English when there is nothing in Welsh?


I'd like to know the same thing. I put "Wedding of Hefin and Gareth" and it was marked as wrong because I missed the "the", but I don't see a "Y" in the Welsh.


Using the pattern 'the wedding of X' is often rather clumsy in English. It is generally easier to say "X's wedding"

If there is a possessive relations between two things, an extra 'the' and an 'of' are often needed in English but not in Welsh. 'the A's B' (the B of the A) is put into Welsh as B y A:

  • pawen y gath - (the paw of the cat) - the cat's paw

English sometimes avoids using a possessive in some expressions:

  • neuadd y pentre - (the hall of the village, or the village's hall) - the village hall

Where there is a proper noun in the Welsh there is no need for the definite article 'r/yr/y (or somethimes the 'the' in the English)

  • car Dewi - (the car of Dewi) - Dewi's car
  • tîm pêl-droed Aber - (the football team of Aber) - (the) Aber football team

See the course notes for the sections on 'Possession' for more examples.


Is "Hefin's and Gareth's wedding" wrong? Non native English speaker here.


It implies that there are two separate weddings, one Hefin's and one Gareth's, but I don't know if the Welsh sentence can mean both or if it implies that there's only one wedding, Hefin and Gareth's.


In English the possessive apostrophe only goes on the last thing in the list. Or at least, it does in this situation. Knowing English, it might not be a consistent rule! :)

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