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"התקשורת לא מספרת לנו את האמת!"

Translation:The media is not telling us the truth!

June 26, 2016



Isn't media a plural?


Well, media can be treated as a collective noun.


Exactly. It is the plural of MEDIUM, meaning a sort of conduit through which something else travels or flows. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/media?s=t News media are therefore the different routes through which information flow. In this case, even if some people use it as a singular, the plural should absolutely be accepted as correct, if not as the preferred translation. I had written "The media don't tell us the truth," which I reported as an answer that should be accepted as correct.


Shouldn't it be "the media don't" tell us the truth? After all, it is plural


Media is both a countable and uncountable noun. This explains it well I think, https://www.eandvgroup.com/social-media-singular-or-plural/


I can't easily agree with the opinion under reference, but I may accept it. But what are we going to do with the word "police" - is it always in plural because it's not a countable word? But then, what about the Army and the Navy which are always in singular and - always in plural - the Marines?


It seems that neither is this page. When I came here to read the comments, it said that it has 6 comments. I see only 2. Including mine, that makes 3. What gives? Is Duo testing us?


And so that I'll pass the test completely, including this comment we now have 4, and it will say 8.


It says at the top that there are 12 comments. In fact, there are 12 comments. Fake comments?


Well, I think there are hidden comments which were downvoted or considered inappropiate.

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