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  5. "כמה המחזור היומי שלהם?"

"כמה המחזור היומי שלהם?"

Translation:How much is their daily turnover?

June 26, 2016



Is there some particular context that this sentence is meant to suggest? What would "daily cycle" be referring to?

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Think it is referring to a 'turnover' in a financial sense (rather than 'cycle' which doesn't make sense in English)


What is a financial turnover? To me, a "turnover" is either a fruit pastry or a lost possession in a sports game (e.g. a fumble or interception in football).

In a similar sentence I was told that a yearly מחזור was the income or expense associated with a year, in other words the yearly budget. But "how much is their daily budget" is not accepted.

So what in blazes does this sentence actually mean?

Edit: After a year, there's still no clue as to what this is supposed to mean. Can somebody answer? To me, the only possible meaning of "How much is their daily turnover?", is "What is the price of this bakery's pastry of the day?".


In what context would "כמה" be used over "מה" here?


Basically, כמה refers to number or amount, how much/how many. But I think people say מה המחזור היומי שלהם just as often if not more.


Thank you! I guess I'm probably more used to hearing colloquial Hebrew.

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