"The boy is eating rice."

Translation:הילד אוכל אורז.

June 26, 2016

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ha-yéled ochél órez.


How do you pronounce אורז?


Orez , check out this link


It seems to be a borrowing from Portuguese or Spanish, which would make sense, as the Middle East is the land of WHEAT, and rice would have been introduced much later. (I'm just guessing, but it any case it helps me to remember the word!)


Laura, there are related comments for the sentence הילדה אוכלת אורז, at

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One minute its ochel then its ochelet what gives, pretty sure both time it was for 'eating' ... is there a way to scroll back your previous mistakes? That should be a thing.


Well, 'ochel' is for males and 'ochelet' is for females. Both translate to 'eating' in English.


Also how is this under learning letters module ?)


It's badly done of them. As is not dating these questions. Best bet is to start with memrise Hebrew or anki, learn basics then come back. This isn't enough there's no pronunciation trainer either, i.e. Fluent-forever.com &/or Linguistix on YouTube.


As for dating these questions, and the comments, while that may be unavailable in the mobile apps (among other deficiencies of the apps), it is available on the website.
Also, on the website the vague date references such as "2 YEARS AGO" can reveal the actual date: using a mouse, just point to that vague date text to see the actual date.
Edit: I had hoped that using a touchscreen without a mouse, a touch or long press on that vague date would show the actual date, but it hasn't worked for me.

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Ha-yeled Ochel Orez

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