"Tasty water."

Translation:מים טעימים.

June 26, 2016

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So why is the adjective plural? Is the word for water plural already, because it's an uncountable quantity of something? I mean, because you can't count pieces of water.


Not exactly because it is uncountable, not all uncountable nouns have this property. But yes, it's true that מים is plural and has no singular form.


This isn't the reason, there are other nouns in Hebrew which are plural, even countable ones. The examples that come to mind are חיים (life) and the kinda-countable שמיים (sky). While English has plural forms for them, in Hebrew the plural form is identical to the singular one. חיים can be translated as either life or lives, depends on the context.


So should one assume that any word ending in ים is a plural?


Unfortunately, no. טעים is singular, for example. The same goes for ות. There are plenty of singular nouns with ות ending, pronounced "ut", like התמחות "hitmachut" - internship, which we come across in the occupation skill.


So מים is already plural! I didn't notice, תודה! And yes, the water is soo tasty!


So then, how would you say, "tasty waters"?

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Water is tasty, especially when you don't have it, for example, lost in some arid area..


And with only bread for nutrition.


Is water plural? There is an English word waters.


How do you pronounce ט֫ימים? Tayeemyeem? Lol


Bad thing about this question is that it was not explaied. I was asked about thing I do not know because no lesson was given

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