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  5. "שבעה עשר כריכים."

"שבעה עשר כריכים."

Translation:Seventeen sandwiches.

June 26, 2016



Could someone list (or link) me pronunciations of all the numbers from 11 to 19 (those with עשר)? I can't understand when it's asár, esér, isír etc. I'm starting to hate this ayin more and more... :)


Thank you very much! So it's only asár for masculine and esré for feminine? I thought I've seen more forms there. Maybe it was just some kind of confusion. (Or isn't it? I can't really make much sense of all those chataf-patach. I love niqqud :))


You got it right. Where did you hear isír?


The critically panned sequel to שש עשרה נרות


Me too I hate this lesson, for some reason I can not understand ..

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