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"O conselheiro ajuda os pescadores."

Translation:The counselor helps the fishermen.

January 30, 2013



I said "The counselor helps the fishers." Shouldn't this also be an acceptable answer? In English "fisher" and "fisherman" seem to be completely interchangable synonyms...


Same problem for me. In my part of the ocean, where many women now have taken to sea, we no longer talk about fishermen. Everybody's just a fisher.


Should it be councillor as one from the council? A counsellor treats mental health issues in the UK!


Maybe they're depressed about a lack of fish.


Not so, a Counsellor is an adviser in the UK, more widely used than the mental health context. To give good counsel is to give good advice, not give mental health treatment!


Spot on!! Reported Dec 2020. I remeber the confusion in a Brazilian hospital in the 80's with some serious damage from sea urchins. The autotranslator said I had troden on street begars ie urchins. Was still pulling out spikes 10 years later!


Typo - beggars not begars


Shouldn't it be "aos pescadores"????


"aos" = to the. Being 'ajudar' (help) a transitive verb, it requires to be specified. Helped who? = the fishermen. 'aos' would be used for example to specify an action. 'O conselheiro ofereceu ajuda' (the counselor provided help) = a quem? (to whom?): to the fishermen. This way: O conselheiro ofereceu ajuda AOS pescadores (the counselor provided help to the fishermen)


This was presented as "a conselheira" earlier. Is it correct either way?


consultant not acceptable?


My UK browser dictionary insists that 'counselor' is incorrectly spelt which is the only spelling DL will accept. Looks like DL doesn't have the correct BE term, which is spelt 'counsellor'. https://www.grammar.com/counsellor_vs._counselor

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