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  5. "Unsere Zimmer sind klein."

"Unsere Zimmer sind klein."

Translation:Our rooms are small.

June 26, 2016



I guess Zimmer is plural - but what is the singular Zimmer? I put room instead of rooms first so I'm trying to solve that problem.


The possessive pronoun is key here:

unsere Zimmer = plural
unser Zimmer = singular


But there is also Zimmern in dictionary. Is zimmern also the plural form of zimmer?


Zimmern is the plural version of the noun when the dative case is used. You also have Zimmers for the singular genitive case.


Could you post examples of each, bitte? Dative Genitive


Dative sing./pl.: "Das Kind ist in seinem Zimmer."/"Die Kinder sind in ihren Zimmern." Genitive sing./pl. "Die Wände des Zimmers sind weiß."/"Die Wände der Zimmer sind weiß."


I guess 'zimmern' is used as a standalone word meaning 'rooms', - a good example would be a sign by the road informing the drivers that there are rooms available for renting.


Not at all. Zimmern is just the Dative plural form, it has nothing to do with being a standalone word.


And also the verb shows it is plural or singular


Thanks that was bugging me for a while.


Das Zimmer (singular); Die Zimmer (plural)


Das Zimmer, die Zimmer


I think majority of words ending with -er have same singular and plural


Why is it 'unsere' when Zimmer is neuter (das)? I think 'Zimmer' is the plural, too. And the verb 'sind' is plural, Think I've answered my own question!


Yes. To clarify to others, usere shows the plural of zimmer, since zimmer is the same plural or singular.

Unser zimmer = singular Our room Unsere zimmer = plural Our rooms


What is the difference between 'little' and 'small'?


They can sometimes be interchangeable but they don't always mean the same thing.

small - a size that is less than normal or usual or average.
little - small in size, a small amount, not a lot

a small milk - a small size serving of milk
a little milk - a small amount of milk


Zimmer v. Zimmern?


Zimmern is in dativ


Why not ........Unsere Zimmer sind Kleines?


Only attributive adjectives (the ones just before the nouns) have to match their endings to the gender, number and case of the nouns they refer to: "Ein starker Mann" ("der Mann") = 'A strong man'; "Eine schöne Frau" ("die Frau") = 'A beautiful woman'; "Ein kleines Zimmer" ("das Zimmer") = 'A small room'.

Predicative adjectives (the ones that come after the nouns and that are liked to them by a verb) remain invariable: "Der Mann ist stark" = 'The man is strong'; "Die Frau ist schön" = "The woman is beautiful'; "Das Zimmer ist klein" = 'The room is small'.

[deactivated user]

    I believe it's because Klein does not directly modify Zimmer because it is after the verb Sind. If it were Unsere kleines Zimmer, then the adjective would have to agree with the noun it modifies, but since it's Unsere Zimmer sind klein, the adjective does not have to agree.


    Sorry, that's not correct. "Unsere" is either feminine or plural, "kleines" is singular neuter only, they don't make sense together. Singular would be "Unser kleines Zimmer" = 'Our little room'; plural would be "Unsere kleine Zimmer" = 'Our little rooms'.


    I believe Stephen is correct. Because "klein" is the object of the sentence, the neuter form is used; whereas if you were to say "Unsere kleines Zimmer (our small roomes)", the adjective describes that specific noun and not necessarily the focus of the entire sentence.

    Consider the sentence "Unsere kleines Zimmer sind neu." (Our small rooms are new)

    "Neu" describes "unsere kleines Zimmer", but "kleines" only describes "Zimmer".

    I've studied German for several years, but my grammar is a bit rusty; so if anyone finds that I am wrong, please correct me for all of our sakes :) .


    Rusty grammar or no, This was still an enlightening commentary. Thank you.


    Did anyone else have trouble trying to figure out what she was saying? I had no clue she was saying "Zimmer".


    Sounded like tsuma (from satsuma)


    How to pronounce "Unsere"?


    What you hear when you arrive your air b&b in berlin


    "Sind" means "are"... so something does not fit here. You can't say "our room "are" but "is"


    While tranlating from german to english "our rooms are small" is correct


    can I ask if both of these would be correct: 1) unsere Zimmer sind klein 2) unser Zimmern ist klein


    "unsere Zimmer sind klein" is a correct translation of "our rooms are small".

    "unser Zimmern ist klein" doesn't make sense. Maybe you meant "unser Zimmer ist klein". That would be "our room is small".


    "unser Zimmern ist klein" doesn't make sense.

    It would mean "our carpentering is small". Which seems like an extremely odd thing to say.

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