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  5. "Good luck, Yossi!"

"Good luck, Yossi!"

Translation:בהצלחה, יוסי!

June 26, 2016



Important note about the difference in meanings between English and Hebrew:

מזל טוב - mazal tov - literaly translates to "good luck" but is used for saying "congratulations".

בהצלחה - be'hatzlacha - loosely translates into "with success". this is the term used for saying "good luck".


Spirit300, I am trying to understand when to use those expressions.

mazal tov: congratulations. For a wedding, a job promotion, birthday, birth of a baby, a graduation. Something fortunate that has happened, right?


be'hatzlacha or "with success" in something that had yet to occur but you want a favorite outcome. Example: Good luck on a test, job promotion, game outcome. Is this right? On something yet to happen?

Thank you for your help!


behatzlakhah yossi


I need a Hebrew keyboard.


Which platform? On android for example, you can easily add another keyboard in language settings and switch between them easily


miluetolf, That is what I did to add Hebrew and Russian keyboards. It is very easy to switch between them.

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