"Good luck, Yossi!"

Translation:בהצלחה, יוסי!

June 26, 2016

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Important note about the difference in meanings between English and Hebrew:

מזל טוב - mazal tov - literaly translates to "good luck" but is used for saying "congratulations".

בהצלחה - be'hatzlacha - loosely translates into "with success". this is the term used for saying "good luck".


Spirit300, I am trying to understand when to use those expressions.

mazal tov: congratulations. For a wedding, a job promotion, birthday, birth of a baby, a graduation. Something fortunate that has happened, right?


be'hatzlacha or "with success" in something that had yet to occur but you want a favorite outcome. Example: Good luck on a test, job promotion, game outcome. Is this right? On something yet to happen?

Thank you for your help!


behatzlakhah yossi


I need a Hebrew keyboard.


Which platform? On android for example, you can easily add another keyboard in language settings and switch between them easily


miluetolf, That is what I did to add Hebrew and Russian keyboards. It is very easy to switch between them.


How do you know when to use congratulations בהצלחה or good luck מזל טוב? They seem to be interchangeable but it is always the opposite of what I type in.


Not sure why you think that, but they are not interchangeable.

Good luck is בהצלחה

Congratulations is מזל טוב


Got marked wrong because I didn't include the comma.


Duolingo usually ignores all punctuation. Also, if you include niqud, it says that’s an error and will mark you wrong.

Heads up: in the later sentence How does one say “hello”, that’s the only time I remember that punctuation was required, the quotation marks.


How come "בהצלחה" only translates as "good luck"? I've seen it translated as "much success" in other places, and saw another word for "luck" (need send a picture of the translations of both).


Where have you seen it translated as "much success"? "Good luck" is the standard interjection used in these situations.

As for another word for luck, it is מזל. The word בהצלחה doesn't literally mean "luck", it is only translated that way.

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