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"Hiện tại chúng tôi không đang xem tivi."

Translation:We are not watching TV now.

June 27, 2016



What is the difference between "hiện tại" and "bây giò"?

June 27, 2016


The former is Sino-Vietnamese are seen as more formal while the latter is native Vietnamese and used more-so in everyday speech. Additionally hiện tại is used to mean the present.

July 4, 2016


"We are not currently watching TV" is not accepted. Does "Hiện tại ... khong xem ... " imply we were watching before but have now stopped?

April 17, 2017


"Hiện tại" means "right now, at this very point in time". "Hiện tại....không xem...." means "at this very point in time we are not watching......"

August 2, 2017


Which is exactly what he said. I think currently should be accepted here too.

December 30, 2017


Hiện tại 以家 chúng tôi我哋 không唔係 đang xem tivi睇(đang緊)電視

August 15, 2018
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