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  5. "דג ארוך."

"דג ארוך."

Translation:A long fish.

June 27, 2016



Previously, the article "a" hasn't been required in translations. Why is it required here?


That's how it goes in English.


What is the difference between a long fish and a fish is long?


boryagin explained the grammatical difference in English. If you (or others) are wondering about the difference in Hebrew:

  • a long fish = דג ארוך
  • a fish is long = דג הוא ארוך

Explanation in Tips and Notes- Adj. Intro: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/he/Introduction-to-adjectives/tips-and-notes


The first case is not a complete sentence but just an object with a desciption: article + adjective + noun.

The second case is a complete sentence: noun + verb + adjective.


So, is a long fish an eel? Very strange sentences. I could understand a long snake or a long road. But why a long fish?


People learn languages here, not read books. Learners' vocabulary is limited so they create sentences that are correct grammatically. Practical applications are not critical at this stage in our learning.

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