"Yes, this is fun."

Translation:כן, זה כיף.

June 27, 2016

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Would it also be proper to say כן, יש כיף


No, that would mean: "yes, there is fun" (which sounds a bit weird I think)


I feel like people would probably be more likely to say, כן, איזה כיף.


how do you pronounce כיף


With nikkud it is spelled "כֱיף". I was taught that that was the "long a" sound like the "a" in "hate" or "bait": kaif (kef for European speakers). But, every recording I've listened to, including here, pronounces it "eh" like the "short e" in "bed" or "wed": kef/kehf, for English speakers. Forvo.com for Hebrew is a good site to hear pronunciation by native speakers, as is this Duolingo site.

Memrise.com, as PandoraaFoxx said, has a Duolingo Hebrew course written by Mazzorano, one of the creators of this course, that works on the pronunciation of all the words in this class.


כן זאת כיף is this wrongbecause fun is masculine?g


But isn't fun an adjective describing 'it'? It does not appear we are equating the noun (so to speak) 'it' with the noun fun here. The 'it' being referred to could be a masculine or feminine noun. Could someone explain further why זאת cannot be used? (My lesson question was translating English to Hebrew.)


No, fun is a noun in Hebrew. In English it can be both a noun and an adjective.

When speaking in general terms, masculine זה is always used.

Again, כיף is masculine, so זאת can't be used here.

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