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  5. "בחצות אנחנו הולכים לעבודה."

"בחצות אנחנו הולכים לעבודה."

Translation:At midnight we go to work.

June 27, 2016



Or just someone who lives in Japan with an American job.


In Jerusalem, more likely to be road workers! I hear them sometimes; they have really loud machinery. They can't work during the day when cars are moving in large numbers.


Is noon also considered חצות?


In very poetic and quite archaic Hebrew, you can say חצות היום to mean midday. חצות is related to חצי, a half. But don't use it in daily conversation. :-)


In religious contexts it might be used today as well.


depends on the context לדוגמה: כשמישהו קם מאוחר והולך להתפלל ושואל את חבר שלו מתי חצות ברור שהוא מתכוון ל-noon


או, יום אחרי תשעה באב


Yes. I agree that חצות is also noon.


I agree with those who say that this sentence is ambiguous since חצות means both midnight and noon with context telling which is meant. In this case, religious or not, בחצות לילה would clarify. Thus, at תהילים קיט סב there is חצות לילה אקום. My point is just that it would help with context to put "night" somewhere in the sentence as with קריאת תהילים בלילה אחרי חצות.


In general spoken Hebrew, חצות is unambiguously midnight. (Thanks for you and other participants here who enlightened me about it still being used in religious contexts; I didn't know that!). Accordingly, חצות הלילה is known, but poetic only.

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