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"Men see women, women see men."

Translation:גברים רואים נשים, נשים רואות גברים.

June 27, 2016



Why doesn't it accept "anashim" in addition to "gvarim?"


Technically you should be right, because 'nashim' means women, 'anashim' means men.

However, it is very common to use 'anashim' with reference to both genders. You could say it also translates to the word 'people'.

In this specific sentence we talk about men and women separately, so it's important to emphasize the difference. Therefore it's גברים instead of אנשים


"Anashim" = "People" "Gvarim" = "Men" If you use "Anashim" instead of "Gvarim" you reduce information of the sentence ("anashim" can be both men or women, while "Gvarim" = only men).


"Anashim" is people in general. Can be men or woman.

"Gvarim" is men. "Nashim" is women.

The singular word for "Anashim" is איש ('EESH'-long E) it means a man.

And אישה (EESHA-long E) means a woman.

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How come "women" is masculine? Like, how did that happen?


It isn't. If it were masculine, you'd use רואים rather than רואות. The -im plural is typical for masculine nouns, and the -ot one for feminine nouns, but even with the limited vocabulary I've seen so far, there are quite a few exceptions to this.


I was thinking of the plural ending of the word "aisha" :)


People-words in hebrew are commonly irregular. In this case, אנשים (anashim) is 'men' and נשים (nashim) is 'women' (or wives). The change in the root eliminates the need for the plural ending to mark the gender. No word yet on why אנשים isn't an accepted answer.


Forgot to mention that the singular forms are איש and אישה


That's true but it's important to note that some words are simply exceptions of the rule. For example שולחנות which means 'tables' sounds like a feminine word but it is actually a masculine one.. The singular form is שולחן. ("shul-han"/"shul-hanot")


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