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  5. "He walks."

"He walks."

Translation:הוא הולך.

June 27, 2016



This is its simplest form means "he goes". Should one wish to say "he walks", wouldn't the more exact translation "הוא הולך ברגל" be more appropriate?


It can also mean "he walks". You can use הולך or you can say הולך ברגל if you want to emphasize that he is walking on foot or to clear the ambiguity.


I am a bit disappointed because new words come up and I haven't been introduced to the word before.. what should I do?


If the new word appears in plain text in the exercise, you may be able to click or press on it to see its translation.

I recommend that you use a translating dictionary, either paper or online, for new words.

even if you just guess and get it wrong, its meaning might become clear in a later exercise.


Click the word to find out what it is


Why doesn't הוא הולכ Work?


you have to use the ending form of כ.

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