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"Ninguno de nosotros es perfecto."

Translation:None of us are perfect.

January 30, 2013



I get that "None of us is perfect" is technically the correct translation, but everything about this sentence makes me cringe.


Think of it individually as... Not (even) one of us is perfect.

Collectively we often hear... None of us are perfect, however, I would hesitate to support such a translation (given - es perfecto- is also clearly singular.


"None of us are perfect" is often said but always wrong.


in english "none" is singular and stands for "no one" therefore "none is"


In English, each one of "none", "neither" and "either" is used with singular verbs. "None of us are perfect" is straight wrong! The correct sentence is: None of us is perfect. You lose all your hearts duolingo. :)


I would think that it is referring to "us", which is plural, and that's why I use "are" instead of "is".


The subject of the verb is "none." "of us" is a prepositional clause. It's tricky because "none" isn't singular or plural, but a good similar sentence is "Neither of us is perfect." You wouldn't use "are" here because you're referring to only one person. So I would probably go with "is" in this case as none is closer to being singular than plural


You're right about "neither," but none operates a bit differently as I wrote below. Here's a good link with some explanation: http://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/SubjectVerb.html


None = N(ot) One/Zip/Zero/Naught/Nought/Nada


02/4/14 This is a gray area. Both sound correct to me. It depends on the dialect and/or the flow of the conversation as to which one would be used. Whether the use of ""are" instead of "is" bothers you depends on your pet peeves, the pet peeves of your teachers and parents and your acceptance of the use of colloquial rather than strictly formal English in this setting.


none is singular. none of us is perfect


shouldn't it be 'son' not 'es' used here?


No, because "ninguno" is singular.


'nobody of us is perfect´, shouldn´t that be correct?


No that doesn't make sense. However, you could take out the "of us" and it would make sense, but that's not how DL wants us to translate it.


It's not exactly equivalent. This sentence doesn't refer to everybody. Somebody could be perfect, they're just not one of us.


I know, I was just saying that you can't say "nobody of us" because that doesn't make sense, it should be "none of us". I was just saying that "nobody is perfect" makes sense in English, but as I mentioned, that isn't what Duo wants because it's not the same.


Ah, sorry for misunderstanding you.


Nobody = Nadie


The correct answer here is 'is'. Not one of us is perfect. If it were 'are' then why not say 'Ninguno de nosotros son perfectos'?


none of us IS perfect, DUO!


None of us are perfect is not natural, if it were, you would say "us are perfect.". Does that sound natural? The word "us" is not the subject! It may sound natural to you, but just because you have heard too many people use this horribly incorrect language. Please ask any English teacher.

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