"Green plates"

Translation:Những cái đĩa màu xanh lá cây

June 27, 2016

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Màu xanh lục = màu xanh lá = màu xanh lá cây ;)


Why is những here?


Những, các means: words have ending "s" such as: plates > 1 (quantity)


This lack of precision between the general and the specific is a tedious weakness of this version of Vietnamese duolingo. Also, to introduce in the "challenge" exercises, where the number of errors is limited, words or expressions that are not only unusual in everyday life, but above all have never been seen before, is petty.


Why is a generic "đĩa xanh lá cây" wrong? I thought you can leave out the classifier if it's not about a specific thing and that "màu" is optional as adjective with a noun? Like if I say a generic "I like green dishes"


Maybe I am wrong, but I think there have been many examples where a noun without a classifier has been regarded as a plural.
I do not always trust Google Translate but it translates "Green plates" as "Dĩa màu xanh lá cây" and unless there is good reason for not acccepting this translation I suggest it should be added as an acceptable answer.


I get very confused with the usage of cac and nhung.

Isn't cac used as an objective plural and nhung as a subjective plural? i.g.: Cac cai dia la cua toi. Nhung cai dia mau xanh la cay, nhung cai dia mau trang? Cac used for all of the plates and nhung just for some of the plates?

Some of the lessons are really confusing.


In this very module there is a sentence ("The colors of the shoe are violet and pink") in which the subject is plural but has no những, here however it is required? What gives?


In this case the plates are plural


But the colors are too! At least in English...

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