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  5. "This is a purple color."

"This is a purple color."

Translation:זה צבע סגול.

June 27, 2016



Where did זהו come from? :-\


It's not זהו, it's זה. The difference is that זה is "this", זהו is "that's all"


There was זהו in multiple choice.


I wrote זה בצבע סגול and I got an okay with almost - is it really okay or it only says almost because of the difference of only one letter? It is an important letter, so I'd be happy to have a real answer.


From what I've read in other threads, זה צבע סגול means the color itself is purple (as opposed to magenta for example).

זה בצבע סגול. This would mean that an item has (or is with / ב) the color purple.

A nebulous difference, I know. That is, if I'm right. Please correct me if I'm wrong!


And I just got answer from my native Hebrew speaking boyfriend :) that it is not the same, so even if it is just one letter difference, this answer should NOT be accepted. (But actually maybe he just doesn't know enough English, so I'm open to more answers! :)


The Hebrew goes left to right. I have flagged this multiple times and nothing has been done.


I also saw it coming up that way one day. Very confusing.

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