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  5. "סליחה, יש לכם יינות?"

"סליחה, יש לכם יינות?"

Translation:Excuse me, do you have wines?

June 27, 2016



Couldn't this also be translated as "Excuse me, do you have wine?" Seems like those words are used interchangeably in English.


Actually, I think it would be odd to say, "Do you have wines?" Wine is used in the singular form in English most of the time.


Yeah, I keep getting these wrong because I've never used the plural version of wine or beer.


Wine is uncountable, like water. It is WRONG to say do you have wines. You can say do you have bottles of wine or do you have varieties of wine. In that last context one might say "Do you have red and white wines" but even then wine is preferred. In this context it is said as a shortening of do you have different wines.


Why not, "Pardon me, do you have wines?"


I keep hearing a strong "g" in him pronouncing wines and it is throwing me off. Really need a slow down button.


in the hearing exercise (without text) the audio sounds like Jilnot instead of jijnot for the יינות. Not sure if the audio is incorrect or if it is my computer...


Why "I am sorry, do you have wines?" is wrong?


The context suggests that סליחה here means excuse me and not I'm sorry


You have to type it in hebrew

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