"The duck is beautiful."

Translation:הברווז יפה.

June 27, 2016

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Habarvaz yafeh


Does anyone know why "הברווזה יפה" is incorrect. I thought I was saying "the female duck is beautiful" instead of "the drake is beautiful". But it says I have a typo and only gives "הברווז יפה" as a correct answer.


You are right and it should be accepted

[deactivated user]

    Why is הברווז הוא יפה incorrect?


    should be correct. Though הוא is unnecessary and it's better not to use it. But it's not a mistake. It's good to go with it anyway, since it's a bit unnatural to use הוא here (since there's no "to be" in Hebrew).


    I see what u guys are trying to do. Very sneaky


    What is the grammatical reason, or convention that the translating team don't accept the female of the species an answer? ie for the sentence 'The duck is beautiful.' I wrote the following: "הברווזה יפר." It wasn't accepted, and noted I had made a grammatical mistake, meaning a drake. "הברווז"


    I put the same but I know I'm right so I don't care!! :-)

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