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  5. "Peidiwch bwyta!"

"Peidiwch bwyta!"

Translation:Do not eat!

June 27, 2016



Can someone explain "peidiwch" a little more? Is it used anytime you make a negative command?


An explanation about this has just been added to the Command1 section notes.

Paid! and Peidiwch! are the informal singular and formal/plural command forms of the verb peidio - 'refraining from, to refrain from', but translated into English as 'Don't!' They are usually, but not always, followed by the preposition â/ag:

  • Peidiwch â siarad! - Don't talk!
  • Paid â mynd allan heb dy allweddi eto, Dewi - Don't go out without your keys again, Dewi!
  • Paid ag edrych arno fe! - Don't look at him!
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