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  5. "Chwech dolffin"

"Chwech dolffin"

Translation:Six dolphins

June 27, 2016



Is it 'chwe' or 'chwech' dolffin? Both were in this lesson I think.


As explained in the section notes, this is a known error, it should be chwe, and chwe is an acceptable answer in the course database where it is required. (It is not a terrible error to make in conversation, though, as your meaning would be understood well enough!)

There is no need to report incorrect chwechs - they have already been identified for correction.


Thank you. (there are no section notes on the android)


Yes, the Duolingo app has no notes. However, if you have a connection to the web you will be able to use your device's browser to access the web-site version with the notes.

[deactivated user]

    Isn't the plural meant to be used here too?


    No. In Welsh, if the noun follows the number directly the singular noun is used - see the 'Hints and Tips for the section 'Numbers' and for this section, 'Animals''.

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