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The "la la" trick for tone/pronun'

I don't know if this will be useful for you...but it helped me.

My Vietnamese teacher taught me a neat little trick that has helped in my speaking and pronunciation:

Before I say any word or sentence I repeat the sound "la la" to myself (you know, like the music note doe, ray, me, fa etc...)....this gives me my FLAT tone and and gives me something to base all my raising, dipping etc tones off of.

Ooops, I don't think I've explained myself very clearly!

June 27, 2016



In Chinese (another language with tones), there is a word game to write a sentence / passage in only one tone. In Vietnamese it seems also possible. If one finds such sentences (of course with recorded sounds), one can drill with them.


lol Yes, that might help. Why does this page say to the right to "give Lingot " ?


You can give someone a lingot as a "payment" for a good post.

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