"Ten rynek szybko się zmienia."

Translation:This market changes quickly.

June 27, 2016

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So "rynek" can be used in an abstract sense? Like, the market for computers, for example?


Yes, easily.

Edit: In fact, that would be my main interpretation. If it was about a real 'market square', I'm not sure if I would use 'ten'.


Would "This market changes quickly" be wrong?


This is exactly the main translation that I see here.


Why does this sentence need się? Rynek, szybko and zmienia have been in other exersizes whithout się, so I guess it's not tied to another word this time?


The verb here is zmieniać się.

Zmieniać alone is strictly transitive, it needs a direct object. But the market doesn't change anything, it changes itself, therefore you need the reflexive version of this verb.


"This square is changing fast" (for example, because of redevelopment)?


If we were to interpret 'rynek' as a place, it would be a 'market square', not just any square. And that's accepted :)


If 'this square is changing fast' is accepted, then so should 'this square is quickly changing' be.


Well, 'square' wasn't so far, but in the meantime we decided to accept it... so added here. "is quickly changing" worked already.


rapidly instead of quickly not acceptable?


It is now, as of around 7 months ago....


Please would you let me know what is wrong with 'This market is rapidly changing'. Thank you.


One our of British contributors said: "I'd have to say that I'd prefer to put rapidly/quickly last, but I guess having it before "changing" is OK. Feels a bit strange, though."

Anyway, let's add it.


Sorry if this is addressed elsewhere, I couldn't find any Reflexive Verb Tips. Clozemaster says for reflexive verbs the object of the clause is the same as the subject. Mostly true, but not always. (kumać, odżywiać, piąć etc...) Am I missing a subtlety, or do you just have to learn each one? Any tips?


I'm not sure if you mean the same Clozemaster article, but I sometimes link this one (written by one of the course creators): https://www.clozemaster.com/blog/polish-reflexive-pronouns/ - and sometimes it's reflexive without any real reason.

With this one, it's 'it changes itself' rather than 'someone changes it'.

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