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  5. "הנשים הולכות למסעדה."

"הנשים הולכות למסעדה."

Translation:The women walk to the restaurant.

June 27, 2016



I wrote go to the restaurant & it wasn't accepted. Just in case this happens to you. I flagged it


So, if the audio were not present and we aren't using nikkud, how would someone know if it was a restaurant or the restaurant?


That would depend on additional context.


Why is "The women walk to A restaurant" not acceptable?


Because the audio says La-misadah and not Le-misadah, this is a conjunction of "ל" and "ה" which means "to the".


Is there a difference between these two forms as written?


Only with nikud.

From MODERN HEBREW GRAMMAR by Lewis Glinnert:

The definite article ה

‘The’ is usually ה, pronounced ha. It is always prefixed to the noun, e.g. ‘the light’. האור (So, too, are all other one-letter words, such as בְ ‘in’ and כְ ‘as’.)

Note: Newsreaders and teachers may pronounce it as הֶ with certain words, but coming from an ordinary person this will sound pedantic.

When combining ְב and ְל with ָה the’, one has to run them together to make בָ and לָ , thus בַבוקר
in the morning (not בְהַבוקר)

לַסוף to the end Not



Is "go to" not correct?


Should be correct.


The definition said are walking. Why is it wrong?


I put "The women are walking to A restaurant.", and was marked as incorrect. I tried listening for the La- vs Le-, but I couldn't hear the difference. Seems like this should be correct?


MichaelJG7, I'm also learning, and I can hear the "La", but it is subtle. You might try returning to this page and listening some more; also, try saying it out loud both ways at the same speed as the recording. Anyway, be glad that the recording isn't one of those super-fast ones by the woman speaker!
Edit: If you have a choice of devices, see if the sound is more distinct on another one; or try with headphones.

2020-07-13 rich739183

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