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  5. "צמיד יפֶה."

"צמיד יפֶה."

Translation:A beautiful bracelet.

June 27, 2016



I know it is not something that Duolingo allows you to get rid of, but the period confuses me every time.


What is the difference between how you say "a pretty sweater" and "a sweater is pretty"?


That's explained "Adj. Intro":

The book is good - הספר טוב The good book - הספר הטוב

A good book - ספר טוב

How do we say "a book is good"? We use the personal pronouns kind of like a "to be" verb:

A book is good - ספר הוא טוב

For a feminine noun, you need to use היא:

A bird is beautiful - ציפור היא יפה

So in your example: a pretty sweater - סוודר יפה

a sweater is pretty - סוודר הוא יפה

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