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  5. "They drank beer at my house."

"They drank beer at my house."

Translation:Ellos bebieron cerveza en mi casa.

January 30, 2013



Why isn't "a mi casa" also acceptable?


It just isn't :) "a" has the notion of movement, is the way I try to see it. I can go to "a" mi casa, but once there, I am "en" mi casa -- What I commonly say in English doesn't matter!


I'm wondering the same thing


why is "la" cerveza not needed here when in another example I was wrong for not including le or la?

[deactivated user]

    I have the exact same question. I got burned for not including it, now I get burned for putting it in. Any rules-of-thumb for the often-burned? :-)


    I feel like I'm progressing and then I get 'la cerveza' wrong as well. I think because it is a class i.e beer in general we can omit 'la'. I have been asking about this but no responses. I have researched and while I can get some specific rules they don't give a complete picture. I will keep asking.


    Would "bebían" always be wrong here? I used "bebían", but I feel as though it should have been correct.


    "Ellos/as bebieron cervezas en mi casa" should be accepted...


    "En mi casa bebieron cerveza" was not accepted. Any comments?


    Is "Han bebido cerveza..." no good? How can you tell if it should be the perfect or imperfect from the English text?


    It depends on when the event occurred and if it is finished. There are also differences between spain and america. I suggest you take a look at: http://www.esfacil.eu/en/verbs/5-modes-and-tenses-in-spanish.html


    ... and then they trashed the joint...


    What is the difference between using beber or tomar? Duo accepts "Tomaron en mi casa" However I'm wondering is this a regional difference or does it have a slight nuance of meaning?


    They said

    You missed a word. Ellos bebieron en mi casa fría. Ha! I'm guessing this is wrong.


    I i put in the phrase above and it says I got it wrong because I didn't at polsa. Now when I gp tp retype it again I add polsa and it says it's wrong. So frustrating!!!!

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