"Your birds do not sing."

Translation:ציפוריכם לא שרות.

June 27, 2016

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It says your birds do not sing and the translation given was שלהם


צפוריכם = ציפרים שלכם


One of the correct choices given is " ציפורכן לא שרות " but shouldn't it be ציפוריכן instead of ציפורכן ? I thought ציפורכן was for a single bird and ציפוריכן was for multiple birds.

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You are correct.


שלילת פועל בהווה צריכה להתבצע עם אינו/אינם/אינה/אינן ולא עם "לא".

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"כִּי לֹא שֹׂנֵא הוּא לוֹ מִתְּמוֹל שִׁלְשׁוֹם" (דברים יט, ו)

אתה צודק שממליצים בכתיבה להשתמש ב-אין, אבל הקורס בדואולינגו מלמד עברית מדוברת, והשימוש במילה לא מקובל מאוד בעברית מדוברת.


tziporeichém lo sharót.


לצערי, צוחקים על מי שמשתמש באינו/אינם/אינה/אינן... צחקו עלי עד שוויתרתי... אינני יודע למה


I'm just learning this but it seemed they add "ת" for feminine words. How come ציפור doesn't.


Put simply, the ה ending becomes ת, the "ים" loses its מ.


Words with pronimal suffices are in construct with their ending. This means they under go vowel reduction and the ending changes.

Masc. Sing. Words have no ending and only undergo vowel reduction (unless they're segolate) Masc plural words take the plural ending ים But the hireq becomes as tsere and the ם falls off. (Don't confuse this with the "my" suffix which is hireq plus י on a singular noun) Then the ending is added so

כלבים Dogs. Goes to כלבי Dogs of, plus ending כלביך Your dogs Fem sing words on the other hand change their ה to a ת

Dog of כלבת Your dog כלבתך What actually matters is not the gender of the word, but the plural of the word because the construct doesn't actually add any endings but rather changes the form of the endings (except the f pl, it doesn't change)

So ציפורים Despite being femanine has a Masc ending which in construct goes to ציפורי Likewsie ידיים (dual ending) goes to ידי


I don't know, but it's probably the same reason why the normal plural looks masculine "ציפורים".


why ציפוריכן a typo. it is 2nd person plural is it not

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