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Typing too slow

My typing is probably too slow to even do the timed exercises as an all-English lesson! I didn't think I was a real slowpoke on the keyboard till I came here. Does anyone else have this problem. BTW, I find that after a few days of Spanish lessons on Duolingo my keyboarding is speeding up. Maybe there's hope. lol.

January 30, 2013



I have the same problem. If I hurry, then I mistype and I never manage to go through all of it in 2 mins.


This website is secretly also a typing speed trainer! ;)


I agree, the speed you have to type to get under the two minutes is ridiculous and I am not a particularly slow typer. The fact that you need to use special key combinations to type accents also makes it more difficult. Whenever I get a longer sentence to type I know that's it, there's no way I will make the time.


Is doing the timed exercises under 2 minutes really very important? I don't worry about the timing function. Has this impacted me in some way that I haven't noticed? F.W.I.W. in the previous three sentences I just typed, I had to go through them to correct 2 spelling mistakes, insert a missing word and correct some punctuation. That required reading it three or four times not to mention the corrections I made as I was typing it. The proofreading and corrections probably consume a good part of two minutes right there. When doing the exercises I have no choice but to simply ignore the timing issue.


I LIKE to have the time pressure. It is about 15-30 seconds too shortfor me. I mean, in the real world I don't want to be saying "Ermm? Give me a minute..." all the time.


I agree. If I could even get close to the time limit I would like the pressure. But as far as I can see there is no significant penalty for going over 2 minutes. So it's there for people who like it but not necessary for people who find it restricting.


Bonus rounds are not timing optional. Very hard to score much. I am not sure, but I don't think I have yet made the time once.

However, It's a very small irritation in a free programme that I am enjoying, & from which I am learning a lot (aha...never end a sentence a preposition with!)


I do bonus rounds all the time. I just don't pay attention to how long they take. They still function after the time runs out.

When I first started Duolingo and I got a notice about needing a large number of points before reaching the next level I thought it meant I couldn't do any new lessons until reaching that level. Subsequently I found out that I can take lessons in succession regardless of what level I'm on. Consequently I just keep doing the lessons, bonus rounds and translations in the order that I hit them. Every now and then I seem to move up a level.

Since I don't know the benefits that flow from being at a certain level I am not even sure what level I'm on at any given time. Nor do I know how to find out short making a point of remembering when notified of progression to the next level.

Perhaps later on it makes a difference but I haven't been able to see any so far.


You are far too relaxed. "No hay de que!" Hmm? Is there an accent missing?


I'm not relaxed about mastering lesson groups. I won't leave a lesson group until it has been classified as mastered. Every now and then I go back and remaster previous groups.

[deactivated user]

    Seriously annoying. I have to forget any hope of mastering the level.


    I can't type fast, and this is the only problem I have encountered with this program. I have stopped paying attention to the timer. Instead, I focus on the practice and "just keep swimming!"


    Truth. There is no way in hell one can complete the German timed rounds in the time given without a native German keyboard.


    I think it's frustrating, too, even though I type around 70 wpm. On the other hand, I think it forces you to think quickly and get those translations speeding through your brain. But those of us who type well do have a definite advantage.

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