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  5. "Lions love meat."

"Lions love meat."

Translation:אריות אוהבים בשר.

June 27, 2016



This is the comment from Walrosse that explains it:

This is one of these confusing nouns that have the "ות" ending but actually are masculine, so you would have to use the male version of the verb. And no, unfortunately there is no "אריים" (even though I have to admit it sounds pretty cool).

The female lion is called "לביאה" (le-viyah), just for general knowledge :)


And the plural of the female version? Is it לביאות (le-viyott)?

Edit: I've found the answer. לביאות is pronounced as levi'ót.


Even more when It's children's meat


Isn't there a plural form for the male ending as well? As there is with other animals.


This confuses me greatly. I use חתולים or חתולות depending on the gender of the cat i I'm referring to, correct? But when it comes to lions we pluralize it only to אריות. Why is that?

And to really confuse us... Somehow אריות is a plural male form. My head hurts.


There are just words that are exceprions. Usually you can find out the right gender from the singular form. And just memorize the correct plural.

Here are a few other exceptions: ביצה ביצים. Female

ציפור ציפורים. Female

מזלג מזלגות. Male

סכין. סכינים. Both genders

יין. יינות. Male


To the question why: Initially the plurals of the words had nothing to do with the gender and you needes to memorize all plurals. In modern hebrew the endings now are used for telling the gender. But some words still use the old forms that might not fit the gender.


I like your comment כל כך .

I agree with every bit of remark and emotion..


Apparently this is the male plural itself even though the ending looks female. I just read about it myself here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16359020


what do you mean?

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