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  5. "We are men."

"We are men."

Translation:Jesteśmy mężczyznami.

June 27, 2016



Can someone PLEASE explain the instrumental case for me? The only thing I understand is that it "is" something.


I think [link removed for safety reasons] may be really helpful here and will explain it better than I can.


I can't open the link :( Can you please tell me which website you refered to?


[link removed for safety reasons], and then the section about Instrumental.


That site is REALLY helpful! Thank you so much!


So there are three things that somehow I had to figure out outside of Duolingo -plural stem of men -być uses instrumental case -nami is instr pl for mężczyzna Would be great if Tree 2.0 gives this context


I seem to remember that the second z had an accent (reversed of the first z) on previous lessons. Does the accent on the 2nd z disappear because "men" is in an instrumental sentence?


Well, technically it's not the best thing to think about it as "the second z", because it's a separate letter. Both ż and ź are. If the alphabet developed differently, it could use a completely different signs for these sounds ;)

Anyway, you can find the declension of "mężczyzna" here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/m%C4%99%C5%BCczyzna#Declension - only a few forms have this softening of z to ź.

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